This is what love is…

While this isn’t a relevant first post for a travel blog, this deserves to be the first one! During my three-month sabbatical in South America, I was convinced I had to set up a blog, not only to share my experiences with others and help fellow travellers but to document my journey as well. I’d relied heavily on blogs while doing my research so this seemed like a natural thing to do. However, while I was travelling, it seemed like I never had the time (or a decent internet connection) to actually sit down and document what I was up to. Also, I didn’t see the point of spending more time on my computer/phone than what was required to plan my next day’s travel. I ended up scribbling in my diary, making some notes on my phone and each day was over before I knew it.

After coming back home to India, I’d decided this was the time – I had to start. But I went back to work and even though it’s part time now, I still didn’t seem to find the time or motivation to set up my blog for some reason! While I felt this great desire to have it ready, I was still taking no steps to act on this dream – all I did was purchase the domain name.

Five months have gone by since I returned and friends and family are still asking me if I started work on my blog…and I hadn’t until today. I owe this to my dearest ‘work baby’, Chriselle, who decided to spend her (limited) free time and made the effort to set up this blog, just to encourage me to get started! I did not find the motivation to do this for myself all these months but she did! I was so overwhelmed when I saw her email introducing me to my blog that I had happy tears streaming down my face. I knew I had to start today. So I owe this first post to her…Thank you, Chriselle, for doing this for me. It is the most thoughtful birthday gift I’ve ever received. Thank you for helping me move a step closer to my dream. Thanks to you I think I know what true love is. 🙂

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