Dear Keira

It’s been a year since I quit my job with these grand plans of starting my travel blog. What was originally supposed to be something I started on my South America trip in early 2015 has not been done for over two years! Now I wonder if not having time was just an excuse?! Though, I have to admit I have no regrets. This past year has been amazing and such an eye-opener in so many ways. I have learnt/done things I never imagined I’d be interested in – Reiki, yoga, meditation, cooking, going vegan – some big and unexpected lifestyle changes.

Time has just flown by and the fact that it’s been a year since I quit work has made me more contemplative these days. Everyday I wonder what I’d really like to do…what is my life purpose? Am I missing something? Why am I not moving ahead with what I thought I wanted to do? May be I shouldn’t focus on travelling/travel-related things and should become an animal activist? An amateur vegan home chef? An organic farmer? A Reiki teacher? A yoga guru? 

As everyone around me was asking me to write about my travels, momentarily I’d feel motivated but that enthusiasm died down pretty soon and I did nothing. So now, I’ve been thinking, may be I’m just supposed to write whatever I want. Isn’t that the whole point of a blog anyway? But I’m not a professional writer; I just like sharing my thoughts with people I’m close to, so what about strangers judging me?

Recently, during my yoga practice, this thought occurred to me that what if I just wrote my story for you! Since you’re so far away and we don’t get to talk much during the year, this would be the perfect way for me to share all my stories with you. Anyway, as you’re still too young to be on the internet, may be you’ll enjoy them once you grow up and in this way, (1) you can get to know me better no matter the distance, and (2) I don’t need to worry about judgment as I’m just writing for you!

My friends and family tell me I shouldn’t care about others and should just tell my story. But every time I’d see a great blog, instead of being inspired, I’d get demotivated to start mine, thinking that there are so many amazing stories out there already, I’ll just be one more in that pool. But now, if this is a project for YOU and ME, then it’s a whole different story! The thought of it makes me smile and takes away the pressure of this ideal presentation that I have in my head. After all, is there anything like “perfect” in the world?


P.S.: Keira is my eight-year-old niece who lives in the US, far away from us in India, so we just get to see her once a year during the summer.

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