Vegan Resources (Mumbai/India/Online)

A list of vegan food brands and resources that I’ve been compiling for my own reference for the last 5 years. Now that I’m repeatedly asked similar questions in Insta DMs, I thought I must share it here and make life easier for everyone! 😊

This is not a comprehensive list – it has some brands I’ve tried and others that I’ve just come across and saved for future reference. This list is Mumbai-focused as I live here but some brands are available across India. I’m sure this will work as a good starting point if you’re looking for something vegan. Please Google or look for them on Instagram for contact details. (I will try adding links for all when I find the time.)

My tips: 1. Check the ingredients as not all brands are fully vegan + some may have cleaner ingredients than others 2. Check where it’s made. I try to buy products made locally, using local ingredients by small vegan businesses as far as possible. Of course, it’s best to DIY (many basic recipes on my Insta page) but for when you can’t, this list should help! (If you do decide to share parts of it, please give due credit to my blog or Insta page.)

I am not suggesting that you need to buy any of these items in order to go vegan. This is just a ready reference for you and to show you that substitutes are available for everything. In India we are blessed with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lentils, pulses, beans, millets, rice and other ancient grains. And you can have the most delicious and nutritious dishes made with them.

Lastly, this is not sponsored by any of those listed – just my compilation having been vegan for over 5 years now. 😊 I will keep updating this whenever I can. If you have some favourites that you’d like to see included, please leave a comment or DM me @adiventurousvegan and I’ll check them out. πŸ’— (I have not included things like biscuit/snack brands that are accidentally vegan.)

If you’re in Mumbai, Rare Earth is a one-stop vegan shop for a variety of brands for every product you’d need from across India. For online shopping, check Greend, VVegano, Urban Platter (more options in the list below).

  • Plant milk – Good Mylk (cashew + oat), Break of Dawn (homemade almond), Raw Pressery (plain almond, cacao + date), Alt Foods (oat, millet),, MilkinOats, Bevry, Slicc (oat), Happie Vegans, 1Ness (cashew + almond), Healiva (almond), Pristine India (almond), Epigamia (almond), Tendo (coconut, walnut, almond), Archana Sheth Nutrition Nut Just Milk, Tempe di Mumbai (soy), Sofit (soy), Urban Platter OatWow (imported), 137 degrees (imported), Oatly (imported), DIY almond milk, DIY oat milk, DIY cashew-coconut-oat (my favourite!)
  • Instant almond milk (for travel) – Jus Amazing
  • Butter – Dairy-free Vegan Homecraft, Hearth & Heart, 1Ness Nutter, GoodMylk
  • Cheese – Soft Spot Foods, Live Yum (nut-free), Bombay Cheese Co (nut-free), Katharos, Dairy-free Vegan Homecraft, GoodMylk, Millie’s Vegan Cheese, Sheese (imported), Violife (imported), Nature & Moi (imported)
  • Almond Feta – Katharos, Break of Dawn
  • Cheese spread/dips – The Orange Bowl, Soft Spot, Katharos, Health & Mo
  • Vegan buffalo mozzarella (Bangalore) – Angelo vegan cheese
  • Ghee – Live Yum, Emkay vegan ghee, Urban Platter, DIY coconut ghee
  • Ready premix tea – Emkay
  • Curd – Chetran’s, 1Ness Vegurt, Health & Mo, Epigamia Coconut Yogurt, Good Mylk, Palette foods, DIY cashew curd
  • Tofu – Chetran’s, Mooz, Murginns, Health & Mo by Madhavi Barot (organic),, Tempe di Mumbai, Ai Kinu/silken tofu, Health on Plants, 1Ness (nut-based vegan paneer), Mori-nu silken tofu (imported)
  • Smoked tofu – Aurosoya, Bombucha
  • Tempeh – Tempe di Mumbai, Zoh Probiotics, Vegan Paradise
  • Mock meat – GoodDot, Imagine Meats, Shaka Harry, Vezlay, Veggie Champ, Urban Platter, Wakao Foods (jackfruit), Better (jackfruit), Wellversed, Blue Tribe, Forever Flora, Beyond meat
  • Vegan egg – Plantmade
  • Ice cream – White Cub, Nomou, Vegan Heart, Eat Noto, Brooklyn Creamery, Papacream, Bliss Please, Baskin Robbins, Minus 30, Oh Dough, Bono Boutique Ice cream, Belo Pops, Peko Peko, DIY ice cream
  • Indian mithai – Vegan Indian Sweets by Hari Prasad Mithai Wale, Zoipreet (DIY ready mixes)
  • Cookies – The Orange Bowl, Oh Dough, Cinnamon Kitchen, Debbie’s Kitchen, Sequel, Zanys
  • Granola – The Orange Bowl, My Mom’s Granola, Break of Dawn
  • Brownies – Diet Tamasha
  • Cakes and desserts
    • Fully vegan – The Orange Bowl, An Ode To Gaia, Art Vinita Mungi, Prana Kitchen, Rather Bake by Rida, Rare Earth, Earth Cafe, Kokomama, Yummy Vegan by Bhavika Baldia, The Gratitude Kitchen
    • Vegan options – The Paleoo Bakes, Yogisattva, Black Vanilla by Sharon, Cacao & Me, Cinnamon Kitchen, Chez Sharon Patisserie, Gezond, Amrita’s Healthy Treats, Hungry Monsters,, Kadhali, Bombay Bizare Baker, Eighth by Anurita, Bunty Mahajan Deliciae
  • Chocolate bars and cacao – Mason & Co, Paul & Mike, All Things, KocoaTrait, Chitram, Darkins, Diabetic Chef, Didier & Frank, Entisi, Narciss, Naviluna, Niramayah, Soklet, Pascati, Piperleaf, Sigalits and more, La Folie, Tosca, Keto Culture, Sihi, Daarzel, Indian Natives, Kauma couverture, Urban Platter couverture, Ixcacao Indica
  • Cake premixes – Plattered
  • Vegan Jain marshmallows – My Mama’s Cooking (Sharon Solomon), Kandee Factory
  • Sourdough – Pure Brot, Bakers Dozen, La Folie, Thorough Bread
  • Sprouted wheat bread – Bread Basics
  • Non-wheat breads – Mer Konfekt, Sprinng
  • Kombucha – Bombucha, UrbnMonk, Happy Booch, CommBucha, Zen Tiger, Toyo
  • Kimchi, sauerkraut – Bombucha
  • Juices – Raw Pressery, Smoodies
  • Fancy nut butters – Butters and More
  • Peanut butter – Butternut Co, Urban Platter, DiSano, Pintola
  • Gluten-free khakhra, lavash – Organic Treats by Sarita and Yukta (+919820400373)
  • Crackers – Prana Kitchen
  • Jowar puffs, makhana – Healthy Cravings Co
  • Vegan tiffin service – The Gratitude Kitchen, My Pure Path, Vegan Bites, Aharveda
  • Vegan food delivery kitchen – Bean Around the Bush, Bodhi Cafe, La Cane Bistro, Ubuntu Eat
  • Online shopping – Greend, Urban Platter, VVegano, Vegan Dukan, Vegan Mall, Get Moksha Go Vegan
  • Stores (+ home delivery) – Rare Earth, SHARAN Organic store, Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Farmers Store, Vnya
  • Online workshops – SHARAN India, Vinita Contractor, Sugar Bliss by Pooja, An Ode to Gaia, Prana Kitchen, Yume Culinary, Wellcure
  • WFPB nutritionists – SHARAN India, Vinita Contractor
  • Diabetes reversal – SHARAN India, Freedom from Diabetes
  • Indian recipesSHARAN India, Vegan Richa, Satvic Movement, Vegan First
  • International recipes –, Veganuary, Forks over Knives, Feed Feed Vegan, Food Revolution Network
  • Vegan,,
  • Global restaurant and store guideHappyCow – My favourite restaurant discovery site – I’ve always used it while travelling even before I went vegan. Log on to see my reviews for some of my favourite places in Mumbai. Also, if you’re a vegan business, I can help you set up your listing on the site. DM me on Insta please. A billion veg is another great one.
  • Vegan pet food – Benevo, Ami Cat (available via

Learn more about Veganism

Lifestyle products

  • Soap and shampoo bars – Earth Rhythm, Burst of Happyness, Auromere, Switch Fix Co, Probiotic House, Veganology
    • (Plastic bottles) – Paul Penders, Arata, Brillare, Olaplex
  • Skin care – White Horse Healing Works, Juicy Chemistry, Daughter Earth, Amayra Naturals, Neemli, Conscious Chemist, Raw Essential Co
  • Make up
    • International – LUSH (vegan and plastic-free), Kat Von D
    • Local – Daughter Earth, Disguise, Plum, Boss Lady, Pulp, Fae beauty. I don’t use much make up so check out @themystictrails for more.
  • Laundry – Rustic Art, Coco Custo, Mitti Se, Born Good
  • Cloth pads – EcoFemme
  • House cleaning – Herbal Strategi
  • Incense – Phool
  • Herbal healing productsWhite Horse Healing Works

I hope this helps you on your vegan journey. Check out my Instagram page for lots of vegan inspiration. 🌱


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