Adiventurous – a name suggested spontaneously by one of my oldest and closest friends, Vai, when we were setting up my Twitter account almost a decade ago.  Coming from Aditi + adventurous, she said, “This is you”.

When I thought of setting up a blog following my first solo trip (at the age of 33) across South America, was the natural choice, not only to document my adventures while travelling but also for life’s little adventures.

I owe the birth of this blog to my former colleague, Chriselle, who very generously spent days and nights setting this up for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much after the site was up.

Now, two years later (in 2017), so much has changed but this dream of writing and sharing still remains buried somewhere inside me. After a lot of introspection and internal dialogue, I’ve decided that I really can’t leave this behind. It’s time to fight all the fears and get moving.

I started with the idea of this being a travel blog but I felt so much pressure seeing all the beautiful travel blogs online. Everyday I was thinking “Who wants to read my stuff?” or “This is too much work”, “Will I sound like I’m bragging?”, “What difference will it make?” All that anxiety, the aim to please a non-existent audience, coupled with laziness led to me abandoning this completely.

Now, I feel I have grown as a person. Over the last two years, I have been exposed to many spiritual activities/processes – Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga, Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing®, The Journey, and various spiritual websites. After watching documentaries like Cowspiracy and hundreds of YouTube videos documenting animal cruelty, I decided to go vegan in January 2017. Now I’m thinking, this blog can be so much more than just about my travels. For anyone who is exploring like me, a seeker for meaning or a higher purpose in life, I hope my blog can help.

I don’t know how regular I’m going to be with writing but I hope that whatever I share can help make a difference to some life in some way. If I succeed in making even one person smile, or feel hopeful or inspired, that’ll be a job well done. If nothing, I hope that at least my nine-year-old niece will enjoy reading this some day when she grows up! So for now, is going to be a little bit of everything – of life’s little adventures.

About me

Born and brought up in Bombay/Mumbai, India, I lived here all my life until I went to college in the US and for my Master’s in Applied Economics to Singapore. Soon after, I moved back to Bombay and tried my hand at several jobs related to economic research. After some freelancing work as a Copy Editor, I eventually ended up at a consulting firm and set up their Communication department. While it was far from my Econ degree, somehow the idea of starting something from scratch was exciting. After 3.5 years as Head of the Communication team there, I decided to quit in search of something deeper.

Travel and food are two of my favourite things – a lot of people don’t understand how a vegan can be a foodie but I am one! I have to admit, I did not know how to cook until I was 35 but once I began, little did I know how much I would enjoy it!

I absolutely love animals so taking a life for my taste buds, fashion or convenience doesn’t make sense to me. I love having pets and currently have a nine-year-old cat, Tinkster, who is an absolute fluffball.

Tinks the cat

I love nature and being outdoors in a clean, green place or by the sea really fills my heart with joy. I love watching movies, especially Bollywood. I enjoy learning new languages and know a bit of French and Spanish and hope to learn German and Mandarin. Most of all, I love to laze – nothing beats a day of lazing at home with something to read. 

Despite what most people may know/think of India, I am lucky to have a family with a liberal mindset. At 25, while most women I knew were getting married, my parents sent me for my Master’s degree as that’s what I really wanted at that time. My parents have always let me make my own decisions and encouraged me to think independently – a luxury for most in India, especially women. Today, that makes me value their opinion more. I’m 36 now but even today, my parents respect my decision to not marry.

So that’s a little bit about me (actually, a lot as I tend to ramble)! While all this may seem wonderful, deep within, I’m just a lost and confused soul trying to figure out my path…grateful at every step for all the experiences and learnings along the way. Here’s hoping that all this rambling makes our journey a bit sweeter!